Dominant lesbian has sex with a submissive

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A dominant lesbian with a luscious body organizes a sex plan at her place with a submissive. The latter is kneeling in the middle of the living room with a mask over her eyes. The mistress comes to caress her breasts and nibble her nipples. She also uses her riding crop to show him who's leading the dance. She then wants to see what the young Asian-typed submissive is capable of. She gives him her big tits to eat and asks him to spread her thighs while dominating her. She will use the practice that she loves above all, cunnilingus coupled with facesitting. She loves to lick the vulva which runs on the face and in the mouth of her submissive. But she also likes to taste the intimate juices of her partners. There will be a lot of oral sex with two hot lesbians with very different looks.